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This is a home-based, individually tailored strength, balance & mobility retraining program.

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Our evidence-based '3 Phase Falls Prevention Program' has been designed for you to prevent falling and avoid injury.  We want you to build strength, improve your balance & increase your mobility.  Don't be scared of falling. You will grow in confidence, and be more independent.

Falls are common in people aged 65 years and older.   They are a leading cause of injury in this age group.  Serious consequences include trauma, pain, impaired function, loss of confidence.  In addition problems carrying out everyday activities, loss of independence and autonomy, and even death can eventuate.  

Our program is designed specifically to prevent falls.  It consists of three main phases or elements:

  • Leg strengthening
  • Balance retraining
  • Mobility

Your needs and abilities are taken into consideration by our evidence based program.

Each person receives a booklet that outlines the program.  This booklet provides advice and includes instructions & images for each exercise required in the program. 

Clients are expected to exercise three times a week and go for a walk at least twice a week.  However, design elements are variable for all clients.

Our '3 Phase Falls Prevention Program' was developed using evidence from research studies evaluated and tested using controlled trials for people aged 65 to 100 years of age living at home.

35% of both the number of falls and the number of injuries from falls were seen in the studies which our program is based.  Similarly, it was equally effective in men and women.

Above all, the program improved clients strength & balance, and therefore was able to assist to maintain their confidence in carrying out everyday activities without falling.

So please book you or your loved one an appointment now to get started!


Further information:  For the NSW Falls Prevention Network click here