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Whilst it is common knowledge that physiotherapy services are accessible in a range of healthcare settings including private practice, allied health clinics, hospitals & some ages care facilities, not many people are aware that physiotherapists also provide home visit consultations & treatments in the comfort and privacy of your own home or facility.

  • We come to your home, aged care facility or other community settings
  • You get our 1:1 attention free from the clinic interruptions, no shared treatment time with other patients
  • You have total privacy - enjoy your treatment & exercise in the comfort of your own home or facility
  • Your time is valued, no more waiting rooms
  • Our mobile service guarantees much longer dedicated 'hands-on' appointment times compared to private practice clinics
  • You have a reduced burden on family & friends, there is no need to rely on them for transport to or from a physiotherapy clinic
  • We work with your GP or any other specialist to ensure you get the best treatment approach.

Private Patients:  No referral required.

DVA / EPC / Chronic Pain Care Plan:  Yes a doctor referral is required.

CTP /  Workers Compensation:  Yes a doctor referral is required.

NDIS:  Yes, you need an approved plan as set out by your NDIA or LAC planner, or ECEI Co-ordinator.

Home Care Packages:  You just need your case manager/advisor to request our services to us on your behalf.

Initial Consultation:  45-60 min

Followup Consultation: 30-45 min

Extended Consultation:  75-90 min

*times are rough guides only and may vary if required*

Payment is required in full at time of consultation for privately paying clients.  Cash is NOT a preferred option.

You can pay by Eftpos - credit & debit cards using our portable eftpos machines will be available.

Unfortunately clients with private health insurance, you will be unable to claim 'on the spot' from your health fund due to regulations in place set by all private health insurance agencies because of restrictions in place for mobile therapy services.  Once your payment is made via our mobile terminal we will issue you with a paid invoice which you can then forward to your private health insurance company to receive their rebate for your consultation.

For EPC /  Chronic Pain Care Plan /  CTP /  Workers Compensation, Home Care Package clients we will discuss with you the process involved.

  • Private Patients

Eftpos facilities are available. Doctors referrals are welcome but not necessary.

  • Private Health Insurance

Payment in full at time of consultation is required.  You will be issued with a paid invoice which you can then forward to your private health insurance company to receive your rebate.

  • Government Funding (eg.Commonwealth Home Care Packages)

A home care package is a co-ordinated package of care and services to help you live independently in your own home or facility.  Physiotherapy is a service you can request & receive as part of your government funded package.

  • DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs)

Gold Card holders are covered for 100% of all physiotherapy treatment costs.  There are no out of pocket expenses for you.

  • Medicare (Chronic Disease Management Program

Formerly known as an EPC (Enhanced Primary Care Program), Medicare’s CDMP will subsidize our physiotherapy service for you up to a maximum of 5 sessions.  If you qualify for this option it must be arranged by your GP.  Despite popular belief this program is not free.  There will be a gap amount for you to pay for each CDMP session utilized.

  • NDIS - National Disability Insurance Scheme

The NDIS is the new way of providing support for those with a disability. It provides funding for you to be able to access the therapies you need like Physiotherapy.  The beauty of the NDIS is that you can choose your own therapist. You have the flexibility to use your funding how you like.  We are a registered provider able to deliver physiotherapy services to eligible clients.

You'll have your very own friendly, personal physio come to your home or aged care facility.

Your session will be an uninterrupted one on one consultation

Initial consultations are approx. 45-60 mins

Followup consultations are approx. 30-45 mins

Extended consultations are approx. 60-90 mins

Our initial consultation with your begins with a comprehensive assessment & discussion about what you & your carers/family would like to achieve with physiotherapy, and an explanation on what we can offer you.

An explanation of the diagnosis or problem you have, information about the contributing factors together with what can be done to assist in helping you.

A clear treatment plan will be set on how we can achieve your goals.

For those requiring strength, balance and mobility training we will set a tailored program for you.  We will then regularly visit you to supervise , adjust and/or progress your program.  We will also provide any 'hands on' assistance your require including soft tissue massage or the purchasing of any equipment you may need.

We will also ensure that any necessary communication or reporting to your GP or specialist will be prepared to ensure we maintain a healthy line of communication.

We can provide any necessary 'hands on' treatment therapy including soft tissue massage, mobilisations, manual therapy and exercise prescription required for your specific problem.

1 in 3 people aged 65 years and over fall each year.  Falls are the leading cause of hospital admissions for older people.  Falls can reduce mobility and confidence.  Remaining active can help prevent you from falling.

Our 3 Phase Falls Prevention Program is a home based, individually tailored strength & balance retraining program.  It is a safe & effective evidence based tailored program, designed for you to build strength & confidence, to prevent falls & stay active & independent.  All done in the comfort & convenience of your own home or aged care facility.

Whether your young or old we provide professional assessments & treatments for a range of problems which include muscle & joint pain, neck & back pain, sports specific injuries, orthopaedic post surgical & pre-rehabilitation, child & adolescent injuries, musculoskeletal screening, orthotic prescription, exercise prescription, ergonomic & postural advice, bracing/ support & mobility prescription.

Pre-employment screening can provide you with an in-depth understanding of the individual physical and medical health of your new recruit.  If they need to operate a vehicle, work in a safety critical environment or perform manual tasks as part of the job they are applying for.  It's important to check whether they are physically capable to perform the inherent requirements before you offer them the role.

Do they have any medical conditions ?  Do they have any existing injury that could be exacerbated by their everyday job tasks ?  Are they medical fit to perform the role ?  Are they taking any medication that may impair or impact their response ?

Having a clear understanding of the overall physical and medical health of the individual will assist you with job matching and will help prevent workplace injuries and accidents.  At the end of the day an accident by one employee can put other members of your team, or the public at risk, not to mention the risk you may be imposing on the individual.

Mobile Physio 2U can conduct this type of screening.  Ideally your pre-employment screening will be tailored to your field and will accurately identify the potential an individual may have for an injury or developing a physical disorder from the work they'll be doing.

If you are in need of a musculoskeletal support, boot, brace or customised orthotic we can be of assistance to you.  We will assess your specific need or injury, recommend, prescribe, order and custom fit your device as required.

You can book an appointment:

  • Our online booking system through our website is currently under construction  ( www.mobilephysio2u.com.au )
  • Alternatively, at this stage you must call us on 0403 504 528  or send a txt to 0403 504 528 or email us at mobilephysio2u@bigpond.com
  • Once we have received your request/enquiry we'll get back to you as soon as possible


BPPV refers to innocuous bouts of random dizziness resulting from positional changes of the head, which are the consequence of dysfunction in the vestibular system located in the inner ear.

Fortunately, this dysfunction can by treated with physiotherapy -  the system can be desensitised and restored to normal function.  As a result clients can experience a full resolution of their dizzy symptoms.

Vertigo can have multiple causes.  Many types are not amenable by physiotherapy intervention.  However, BPPV specifically, and cervicogenic vertigo or dizziness (driven by the neck) are 2 types of vertigo that lend themselves well to physiotherapy intervention.  If you suffer dizziness that you think may fall into one of these 2 categories then we will be able to assess, diagnose and treat your condition.

In the event we believe your vertigo to be the consequence of something else we will happily refer you to your GP for further investigations.

Pre Surgery

Pre-operative is the stage before you have surgery that allows you to be fully informed about the procedure and your post-op recovery.  It allows you to feel less stressed about the surgery and ensure a smooth recovery process.  Pre-operative rehabilitation is a vitally important component to anyone wanting to optimise their recovery following surgery.

The goals of pre-operative rehab is to help you be as well-conditioned as possible prior to surgery to enhance your postoperative recovery, and to understand the therapy routine that will be in place after surgery.  The need for rehabilitation after surgery is ofter well appreciated, the importance of exercising before surgery is often overlooked.  Because of the months of pain and reduced activity leading up to surgery, muscles become weaker, walking, balance and exercise tolerance deteriorate.

It is recommended that you take part in a specifically prescribed rehab program prior to surgery to increase muscle strengthened reduce the chance that you will require extended inpatient rehabilitation prior to being discharged home after surgery.

Our physiotherapists will perform a thorough preoperative assessment to determine you physical capabilities and plan the best possible rehab program for you.

Post Surgery

We place a strong focus on education, exercise and manual therapy to help you regain movement, strength and normal function getting you back to the tasks you love quickly and safely.

A structured and prescribed exercise program helps to restore range of movement, decrease pain, improve muscle strength and mobility, and get you back doing the things you love more quickly.

Your post-operative rehabilitation is always individualised depending on your surgery, protocols and specific rehabilitation goals.  This is also an opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with an walking aides you may need post operatively, such as crutches or walking sticks.

Yes.  Mobile Physio 2U can order and fit a range of equipment for you.  From ankle and knee supports, pneumatic walking boots, walking aids to hot packs, orthotics, gym balls to back supports and more.  Whatever your need we can help order and fit any equipment or supports for you.

No.  Our fees are inclusive of travel time.